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From Olivier Grisel <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1082932 - in /incubator/stanbol/trunk: enhancer/ enhancer/jersey/src/main/java/org/apache/stanbol/enhancer/jersey/ enhancer/launchers/full/src/main/resources/resources/config/ entityhub/model/clerezza/ entityhub/model/clerezza/src/ma
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2011 14:50:56 GMT
Hi Rupert,

2011/3/18  <>:
> Author: rwesten
> Date: Fri Mar 18 14:16:03 2011
> New Revision: 1082932
> URL:
> Log:
> Summary:
> Implemented support for the EmbeddedSolrServerProvider to manage an internal Solr Server
when running outside an OSGI Environment. This will be used to improve current Indexing Tools
(related to STANBOL-92). Also improved the configuration capabilities for the storage location
of the internal Solr Server and adapted the default configuration of the Apache Stanbol Enhancer
full launcher to use this feature.
> Details:
> Entityhub: SolrYard
> The EmbeddedSolrServerProvider can now also initialise and register an EmbeddedSolrServer
when running outside an OSGI Environment. This is important for the indexing utils (e.g. for, dbPedia.orf ...) because this allows to modify such tools to automatically create
an EmbeddedSolrServer within there working directory. Users do no longer setup the SolrServer
first! (related to STANBOL-92)
> Added support that allows to configure the default location of the managed EmbeddedSolrServer:
Within an OSGI environment the component configuration is used otherwise the property is searched
in the System properties.
> In case an relative path is configured the:
>  - "user.dir" property is used when outside an OSGI environment
>  - data directory of the SolrYard bundle
> is used as root directory (for applying the relative path)
> Note that also property substitution is supported so parsing "${user.home}/.stanbol/entityhub/solrYard/indexes"
will create the indexes in the home directory of the user!
> The internally managed SolrServer is now shutdown if the EmbeddedSolrServerProvider is
deactivated. On activation the server is started again.
> The SolrYardTest uses now both the support for managing an internal SolrServer when running
outside an OSGI environment as the property substitution feature to parse "${basedir}/target/indexes"
as index location. The "basedir" property is set by JUnit.
> This allowed to remove all the resources previously required for this UnitTest
> Entityhub: ClerezzaYard
> Corrected a missing dependency to the ClerezzaModel implementation
> Enhancer: Full Launcher Configuration
> Added a configuration for the EmbeddedSolrServerProvider so that the default Solr Index
of the SolrYard is located at "${user.dir}/sling/entityhub/solrYard/indexes". Previously the
index was stored under "/sling/felix/bundle?/data/index" - a location a user would not expect
application data.

Thanks for the detailed changelog. However I think that next time it
would be better to open a dedicated JIRA issue explaining the
(retrospectively planned :) detailed changes and putting the JIRA
issue number with a short summary in the commit message.

A question now: is the current state of the entithub sling launcher
supposed to deploy the dbpedia configuration? If so can you give a
sample "curl" command that demonstrate this (ideally by updating the
README.txt file inside the entityhub folder)?

Olivier -

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