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From Suat Gonul <>
Subject Re: [IKS] Persistence Store, Apache Stanbol Migration
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2011 12:37:14 GMT
Hi Enrico,

First of all thanks for your comments.

> Hi,
> I have compiled and run the code from the lite launcher, but then I do
> not know what to do to check the functionalities :)
> Asked for /presistencestore and got a NOT_FOUND message.

You should ask for /persistencestore/ontologies, then you can test the 

> ...
> The difference, if I understood correctly, is that clerezza graphs are
> edited as ontologies, instead of generic RDF graphs, thus applying the
> OWL model.
That's true.
>> Are these two things related or is the aim of the persistence store
>> somehow different? Or is the persistencestore something that
>> can/should be used in combination with KReS?
> I think we could relate such feature with kres. The ontology network
> manager has the capability to group ontologies and to serve them as a
> single graph, for example, but has no direct editing facility. The two
> components can interoperate by sharing the clerezza store, so
> ontologies stored in clerezza can be edited by the persistencestore,
> combined by the ontology network manager and then served to the
> reasoners component.
Yes, such an integration seems good.


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