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venkatran...@apache.org [1/2] SQOOP-1073: Sqoop2: Introduce schema for transferred data Mon, 01 Jul, 04:06
venkatran...@apache.org   [2/2] git commit: SQOOP-1073: Sqoop2: Introduce schema for transferred data Mon, 01 Jul, 04:07
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-675: Sqoop2: Substitute submission command with top level commands start, stop and status Mon, 01 Jul, 17:27
hshreedha...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1089. Sqoop2: Accept Language header default. Tue, 02 Jul, 03:53
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-997: Sqoop2: Upgrade: Provide ability to disable the automatic upgrade Tue, 02 Jul, 19:55
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1112: Sqoop2: Date splitter might return splits omitting some boundaries Tue, 02 Jul, 23:30
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1123: Sqoop2: Add eclipse project metadata folder excluded from maven Wed, 03 Jul, 22:50
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1113: Sqoop2: Text splitter will fail on interval "Breezy Badger"" to "Warty Warthog" Wed, 03 Jul, 23:13
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-994: Sqoop2: Upgrade: Add calling validation to the upgrade method Wed, 03 Jul, 23:34
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-999: Support bulk load from HDFS to PostgreSQL using COPY ... FROM Thu, 04 Jul, 01:38
venkatran...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1128: Sqoop2: SqoopException being nested into another SqoopException in Repository Tue, 09 Jul, 03:14
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1118: Move PostgreSQL specific MR codes to org.apache.sqoop.mapreduce.posgresql Wed, 10 Jul, 02:46
venkatran...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1129: PostgreSQL direct test are failing on trunk Wed, 10 Jul, 03:01
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1097: Export using procedures feature needs fixes for working with mysql Wed, 10 Jul, 04:57
hshreedha...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1121. Sqoop2: Serialize schema and make them available in the MR job. Wed, 10 Jul, 17:58
hshreedha...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1131. New test added in SQOOP-1121 is using unsupported API in Hadoop 100 Wed, 10 Jul, 23:32
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1124: Direct export to PostgreSQL with PGBulkloadManager fails without explicit port number settings Thu, 11 Jul, 15:35
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1130: Sqoop2: Sqoop MapReduce Job Failed when max and min boundary are both null Thu, 11 Jul, 22:29
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1001: Sqoop2: Document methods for overriding server port Thu, 11 Jul, 23:31
hshreedha...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1111. Sqoop2: Implement version detection and structure updates into Derby repository Fri, 12 Jul, 00:24
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-672: Unify logger usage across entire code base Fri, 12 Jul, 00:29
hshreedha...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1115. Sqoop2: Integration: Provide helper methods for synchronous job submission Fri, 12 Jul, 01:24
hshreedha...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1136. Sqoop2: MBooleanInput should copy persistenceId when cloning. Fri, 12 Jul, 23:13
hshreedha...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1105. Sqoop2: Remove our implementation of StringUtils Fri, 12 Jul, 23:30
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-906: Sqoop is always calling ConnectionManager.datetimeToQueryString with TIMESTAMP column type Mon, 15 Jul, 17:35
venkatran...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1140: Enable overriding username, password and database in DB2 test Wed, 17 Jul, 17:02
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1139: Sqoop2: JobManager.java indentation is inconsistent with rest of the codebase Wed, 17 Jul, 21:32
Git Push Summary
jar...@apache.org   Git Push Summary Thu, 18 Jul, 16:24
jar...@apache.org   Git Push Summary Thu, 18 Jul, 19:34
jar...@apache.org [1/2] git commit: Preparing for release 1.4.5 development Thu, 18 Jul, 19:06
jar...@apache.org   [2/2] git commit: Updating LICENSE and CHANGELOG for 1.4.4 release Thu, 18 Jul, 19:07
jar...@apache.org git commit: Updating LICENSE and CHANGELOG for 1.4.4 release Thu, 18 Jul, 19:08
jar...@apache.org git commit: Preparing for release 1.4.4 Thu, 18 Jul, 19:31
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-996: Sqoop2: Upgrade: Create upgrade tests Sun, 21 Jul, 16:46
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1049: Sqoop2: Record not imported if partition column value is NULL Sun, 21 Jul, 17:28
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1147: Sqoop2: show framework function does not behave as expected Wed, 24 Jul, 01:47
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1145: Sqoop2: Use JSON object for serializing MAP input type Sat, 27 Jul, 17:26
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1141: Sqoop2: Provide ability to enable/disable connections and jobs Sun, 28 Jul, 00:43
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1075: Sqoop2: Persist Framework metadata version in repository Tue, 30 Jul, 03:28
kathl...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1109: Sqoop2: Add new committers to root pom.xml file (Jarek Jarcec Cecho via Kate Ting) Tue, 30 Jul, 05:11
venkatran...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1154: Sqoop2: Text partitioner might miss or include edge values Wed, 31 Jul, 05:48
hshreedha...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1114. Sqoop2: Integration: Add tests for various Generic JDBC Connector splitters Wed, 31 Jul, 06:29
jar...@apache.org svn commit: r1508971 [11/17] - in /sqoop/site/trunk/content/resources/docs/1.4.4: ./ api/ api/com/ api/com/cloudera/ api/com/cloudera/sqoop/ api/com/cloudera/sqoop/lib/ api/com/cloudera/sqoop/lib/class-use/ api/org/ api/org/apache/ api/org/apache/sqoop... Wed, 31 Jul, 18:02
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