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jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1025: Sqoop metadata upgrade must set job id in the new job being created Wed, 01 May, 04:13
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1024: GenericJdbcConnectorUpgrader must ignore inputs which may not exist in old version Thu, 02 May, 00:10
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1003: Sqoop2: sqoop.sh execution error Fri, 03 May, 05:26
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1012: Sqoop2: Generic JDBC Connector should have one static instance of validator Fri, 03 May, 05:37
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-998: Sqoop2: Upgrade: Add framework upgrader Fri, 03 May, 19:28
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1048: Sqoop2: NPE when importing NULL value Mon, 20 May, 13:13
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-985: Sqoop2: Introduce synchronous job submission to Client API Mon, 20 May, 13:59
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-891: Sqoop export from S3 to MySQL fails when S3 is not default filesystem. Mon, 20 May, 14:28
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1034: Fix SQL Azure database may return table columns in inconsistent order Mon, 20 May, 14:45
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1029: Oracle export using procedures does not work Tue, 21 May, 06:10
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1031: Provide default Java type mapping for MS Sql Datetimeoffset type Tue, 21 May, 06:23
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1053: Fix sqoop to work with Hadoop 2.0.4 alpha Wed, 22 May, 08:12
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-995: Sqoop2: Add cloning ability to model classes Thu, 23 May, 08:17
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1030: Enable column types Binary and Varbinary parsing in Sqoop for export Thu, 23 May, 08:38
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1019: Sqoop2: Client side caching input forms Fri, 24 May, 07:49
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1039: Sqoop2: show version with no args should show something Fri, 24 May, 08:03
jar...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-984: Sqoop2: Improve user experience on synchronous job submission Mon, 27 May, 06:12
kathl...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1027: Incremental import is not properly escaping table name when loading maximal value Sun, 05 May, 07:10
kathl...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1036: Sqoop2: JobClient.getCounters can return NULL Sun, 12 May, 00:48
kathl...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1002: Sqoop2: Mapreduce local mode detection is not working correctly on Hadoop 2.x Sun, 12 May, 01:23
kathl...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1040: Sqoop2: NPE in TableDisplayer Mon, 13 May, 00:37
kathl...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1042: Sqoop2: Name constraints in Derby repository Mon, 13 May, 04:16
kathl...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1043: Sqoop2: Improve error messages in Derby repository Mon, 13 May, 04:24
kathl...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1044: Sqoop2: Improve logging in metadata upgrade methods Mon, 13 May, 04:32
kathl...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1041: Sqoop2: Framework upgrade in JdbcRepository returns the outdated value Mon, 13 May, 04:46
kathl...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1046: Sqoop2: Importing single row using decimal splitter will not import anything Wed, 15 May, 04:52
kathl...@apache.org git commit: SQOOP-1052: Hive import is not compatible with Avro and SequenceFile but no errors are thrown Thu, 23 May, 22:57
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