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From Rodrick Brown <>
Subject java.lang.RuntimeException: Executor is not registered - Spark 1.
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2016 04:24:58 GMT
I'm running Spark on Mesos in coarse grain mode and experiencing some serious
issues when trying to run an application on spark 1.6.1 we have no issues
running the same app on spark 1.5.1 (we're trying to migrate to 1.6.1)


I'm running the mesos-external-shuffle service on all my slaves.


My command args look like the following:


/opt/spark-1.6.1/bin/spark-submit --master "mesos://zk://prod-zookeeper-1:2181

\--conf spark.ui.port=31232 \

 \--conf spark.mesos.coarse=true \

\--conf spark.mesos.constraints="rack:spark" \

\--conf spark.shuffle.service.enabled=true \

\--conf spark.dynamicAllocation.enabled=false \

\--conf spark.mesos.executor.memoryOverhead=4500 \

\--conf \

\--class com.orchard.dataloader.library.originators.prosper.LoadTrade_Prosper

\--total-executor-cores 48 \

\--driver-memory 14G \

\--executor-memory 15G \

\--jars config.jar  target/scala-2.11/dataloader-library-


After starting the job after about 30 or so minutes during the final 3 stages
I start to see the following exceptions thrown:


Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Executor is
not registered (appId=f3c06869-9e5f-429c-bfc3-713c8f475064-34075,


6/04/07 04:01:06 INFO DAGScheduler: Job 2 failed: first at Table.scala:49,
took 966.989764 s  
Exception in thread "main" org.apache.spark.SparkException: Job aborted due to
stage failure: ShuffleMapStage 11 (first at Table.scala:49) has failed the
maximum allowable number of times: 4. Most recent failure reason:
org.apache.spark.shuffle.FetchFailedException: java.lang.RuntimeException:
Executor is not registered (appId=f3c06869-9e5f-429c-bfc3-713c8f475064-34075,


I've tried modifying a lot of the default settings thinking the executors are
being lost because of GC timeouts and heart beats etc..


The following job was ran with the following defaults which still made no

spark.executor.extraJavaOptions    -Duser.timezone=UTC  
spark.driver.extraJavaOptions          -Duser.timezone=UTC  
spark.akka.timeout                 300s               300s  
spark.core.connection.ack.wait.timeout  300s  
spark.executor.heartbeatInterval   300s  
spark.files.fetchTimeout           120s  
spark.shuffle.service.port       31338  
spark.shuffle.compress             true  
spark.shuffle.file.buffer           128k         5  3  
spark.shuffle.service.enabled       true  
spark.files.fetchTimeout           120s  
spark.akka.timeout                 250s  
spark.dynamicAllocation.enabled     true  


Anyone other suggestions at this point? I'm not sure what else to do at this



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