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From Narayanan K <>
Subject Spark DAG Visualization for HiveQL
Date Mon, 21 Sep 2015 02:33:06 GMT

While running a Hive-SQL that joins 2 tables in Spark-SQL interface, the
DAG Visualization is as below :

For a Hive Table Scan, it has HadoopRDD, MapPartitionRDD, UnionRDD.
For Filter and project step, it has MapPartitionRDD.
I also see TungstenAggregate and TungstenExchange steps which also runs RDD.

Can some one throw some light on the meaning of these steps ?
How RDDs are created for Hive-QL ?
What does TungstenAggregate, TungstenProject,TungstenSort and
TungstenExchange mean?

Thanks in advance

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