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From mickdelaney <>
Subject Re: SparkException: Task not serializable - Jackson Json
Date Sat, 14 Feb 2015 16:10:53 GMT
to get past this you can move the mapper creation code down into the closure.
its then created on the worker node so it doesnt need to be serialized. 

// Parse it into a specific case class. We use flatMap to handle errors 
// by returning an empty list (None) if we encounter an issue and a 
// list with one element if everything is ok (Some(_)). 
val result = input.flatMap(record => { 
  try { 
 val mapper = new ObjectMapper with ScalaObjectMapper 
mapper.configure(DeserializationFeature.FAIL_ON_UNKNOWN_PROPERTIES, false) 
    Some(mapper.readValue(record, classOf[Company])) 
  } catch { 
    case e: Exception => None 

BUT for more efficiency look into creating the mapper in a *mapPartitions* 
iterator, which means it'll be created on the worker node but only per
partition and not for every row like above.

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