Hi Ankur,

FYI - in a naive attempt to enhance your solution, managed to create MergePatternPath. I think it works in expected way (atleast for the traversing problem in last email). 

I modified your code a bit. Also instead of EdgePattern I used List of Functions that match the whole edge triplets along the path... and it returns a *new Graph* which preserves the vertices attributes, but only with new merged edges.


Here's a Gist of how I was using it:

This prolly is very naive attempt :-). Is there any possibility of adding it to the graphx.lib albeit one which is sophisticated & performant?


On 08-Jul-2014, at 4:57 pm, HHB <hihellobolke@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Ankur,

I was trying out the PatterMatcher it works for smaller path, but I see that for the longer ones it continues to run forever...

Here's what I am trying: https://gist.github.com/hihellobolke/dd2dc0fcebba485975d1  (The example of 3 share traders transacting in appl shares)

The first edge pattern list (Line 66) works okay, but the second one (Line 76) never return..


On 05-Jul-2014, at 3:23 pm, Ankur Dave <ankurdave@gmail.com> wrote:

Interesting problem! My understanding is that you want to (1) find paths matching a particular pattern, and (2) add edges between the start and end vertices of the matched paths.

For (1), I implemented a pattern matcher for GraphX that iteratively accumulates partial pattern matches. I used your example in the unit test.

For (2), you can take the output of the pattern matcher (the set of matching paths organized by their terminal vertices) and construct a set of new edges using the initial and terminal vertices of each path. Then you can make a new graph consisting of the union of the original edge set and the new edges. Let me know if you'd like help with this.