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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [spark] LantaoJin commented on a change in pull request #29378: [SPARK-30069][CORE][YARN] Clean up non-shuffle disk block manager files following executor exists on YARN
Date Mon, 10 Aug 2020 03:41:25 GMT

LantaoJin commented on a change in pull request #29378:

File path: core/src/main/scala/org/apache/spark/storage/DiskBlockManager.scala
@@ -46,18 +46,35 @@ private[spark] class DiskBlockManager(conf: SparkConf, deleteFilesOnStop:
+  private def containerDirEnabled: Boolean = Utils.isRunningInYarnContainer(conf)
+  /* Create container directories on YARN to persist the temporary files.
+   * (temp_local, temp_shuffle)
+   * These files have no opportunity to be cleaned before application end on YARN.
+   * This is a real issue, especially for long-lived Spark application like Spark thrift-server.
+   * So we persist these files in YARN container directories which could be cleaned by YARN
+   * the container exists. */
+  private[spark] val containerDirs: Array[File] =
+    if (containerDirEnabled) createContainerDirs(conf) else Array.empty[File]
   private[spark] val localDirsString: Array[String] =
   // The content of subDirs is immutable but the content of subDirs(i) is mutable. And the
   // of subDirs(i) is protected by the lock of subDirs(i)
   private val subDirs = Array.fill(localDirs.length)(new Array[File](subDirsPerLocalDir))
+  private val subContainerDirs = if (containerDirEnabled) {
+    Array.fill(containerDirs.length)(new Array[File](subDirsPerLocalDir))
+  } else {
+    Array.empty[Array[File]]
+  }
   private val shutdownHook = addShutdownHook()
-  /** Looks up a file by hashing it into one of our local subdirectories. */
   // This method should be kept in sync with

Review comment:
       > Why does this function need to have unused parameters?
   Ah, you must mean the `getFile` in `DiskBlockManager` has 4 parameters and `getFile` in
`ExecutorDiskUtils` has 3 parameters. ExecutorDiskUtils is a utility, so 3 parameters can
define a file path structure. The parameter `subDirs` in `DiskBlockManager` only is a local
variable which used in other parts. It does not impact the finding algorithm result. I can
use 3 parameters in `DiskBlockManager.getFile` as well. But I need to use different array
by a condition, Like:
   private def getFile(localDirs: Array[File],  subDirsPerLocalDir: Int, filename: String):
File = {
       val properSubDirs = if (someConditions) {
       } else {
       val old = properSubDirs(dirId)(subDirId)
   But the `someConditions` is a little hard to determine in this method.

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