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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [spark] tgravescs opened a new pull request #27773: [SPARK-29154][CORE] Update Spark scheduler for stage level scheduling
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2020 14:30:16 GMT
tgravescs opened a new pull request #27773: [SPARK-29154][CORE] Update Spark scheduler for
stage level scheduling
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   This is the core scheduler changes to support Stage level scheduling. 
   The main changes here include modification to the DAGScheduler to look at the ResourceProfiles
associated with an RDD and have those applied inside the scheduler.
   Currently if multiple RDD's in a stage have conflicting ResourceProfiles we throw an error.
logic to allow this will happen in SPARK-29153. I added the interfaces to RDD to add and get
the REsourceProfile so that I could add unit tests for the scheduler. These are marked as
private for now until we finish the feature and will be exposed in SPARK-29150. If you think
this is confusing I can remove those and remove the tests and add them back later.
   I modified the task scheduler to make sure to only schedule on executor that exactly match
the resource profile. It will then check those executors to make sure the current resources
meet the task needs before assigning it.  In here I changed the way we do the custom resource
   Other changes here include having the cpus per task passed around so that we can properly
account for them. Previously we just used the one global config, but now it can change based
on the ResourceProfile.
   I removed the exceptions that require the cores to be the limiting resource. With this
change all the places I found that used executor cores /task cpus as slots has been updated
to use the ResourceProfile logic and look to see what resource is limiting.
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   Stage level sheduling feature
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the console output, description and/or an example to show the behavior difference if possible.
   If no, write 'No'.
   ### How was this patch tested?
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that check the changes thoroughly including negative and positive cases if possible.
   If it was tested in a way different from regular unit tests, please clarify how you tested
step by step, ideally copy and paste-able, so that other reviewers can test and check, and
descendants can verify in the future.
   If tests were not added, please describe why they were not added and/or why it was difficult
to add.
   unit tests and lots of manual testing

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