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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [spark] srowen commented on a change in pull request #27288: [SPARK-30579][DOC] Document ORDER BY Clause of SELECT statement in SQL Reference
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2020 14:57:53 GMT
srowen commented on a change in pull request #27288: [SPARK-30579][DOC] Document ORDER BY Clause
of SELECT statement in SQL Reference

 File path: docs/
 @@ -18,5 +18,121 @@ license: |
   See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
   limitations under the License.
+The <code>ORDER BY</code> clause is used to return the result rows in a sorted
+in the user specified order. Unlike the <code>SORT BY</code> clause, this clause
+total order in the output. 
-**This page is under construction**
+### Syntax
+{% highlight sql %}
+ORDER BY { expression [ sort_direction | nulls_sort_oder ] [ , ...] }
+{% endhighlight %}
+### Parameters
+  <dt><code><em>ORDER BY</em></code></dt>
+  <dd>
+    Specifies a comma-separated list of expressions along with optional parameters <code>sort_direction</code>
+    and <code>nulls_sort_order</code> which are used to sort the rows.
+  </dd>
+  <dt><code><em>sort_direction</em></code></dt>
+  <dd>
+    Optionally specifies whether to sort the rows in ascending (lowest to highest) or descending
+    (highest to lowest) order. The valid values for sort direction are <code>ASC</code>
for ascending
+    and <code>DESC</code> for descending. If sort direction is not explicitly
specified then by default
+    rows are sorted in ascending manner. <br><br>
+    <b>Syntax:</b>
+    <code>
+       [ ASC | DESC ]
+    </code>
+  </dd>
+  <dt><code><em>nulls_sort_order</em></code></dt>
+  <dd>
+    Optionally specifies whether NULL values are returned before/after non-NULL values, based
on the 
+    sort direction. In Spark, NULL values are considered to be lower than any non-NULL values
by default.
+    Therefore the ordering of NULL values depend on the sort direction.<br><br>
+    <ol>
+      <li>If the sort order is ASC, NULLS are returned first; to force NULLS to be
last, use NULLS LAST</li>
 Review comment:
   I might turn this around, to emphasize the null sort order: "If `NULLS FIRST` (the default),
then NULLs are returned first if sort order is `ASC`, and last if sort order is `DESC`" and
likewise for the second items.

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