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From gatorsmile <>
Subject [GitHub] spark pull request #13756: [SPARK-16041][SQL] Disallow Duplicate Columns in ...
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2016 15:54:29 GMT
Github user gatorsmile commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: sql/hive/src/main/scala/org/apache/spark/sql/hive/HiveMetastoreCatalog.scala
    @@ -441,6 +441,9 @@ private[hive] class HiveMetastoreCatalog(sparkSession: SparkSession)
extends Log
           case p: LogicalPlan if p.resolved => p
           case p @ CreateHiveTableAsSelectLogicalPlan(table, child, allowExisting) =>
    +        // Ensuring whether no duplicate name is used in table definition
    +        checkDuplicates(, s"table definition of ${table.identifier}")
    --- End diff --
    Actually, my previous comment is not accurate. In Hive, they just split what our `Analyzer`
does into two phases: `Semantic Analyzer` and `Logical Plan Generator`. In `Semantic Analyzer`
also resolves the relations by `Catalog`. Please ignore what I said above. : )
    To answer your last question, let me post the error messages generated by semantic analyzer:
      INVALID_TABLE(10001, "Table not found", "42S02"),
      INVALID_COLUMN(10002, "Invalid column reference"),
      INVALID_INDEX(10003, "Invalid index"),
      INVALID_TABLE_OR_COLUMN(10004, "Invalid table alias or column reference"),
      AMBIGUOUS_TABLE_OR_COLUMN(10005, "Ambiguous table alias or column reference"),
      INVALID_PARTITION(10006, "Partition not found"),
      AMBIGUOUS_COLUMN(10007, "Ambiguous column reference"),
      AMBIGUOUS_TABLE_ALIAS(10008, "Ambiguous table alias"),
      INVALID_TABLE_ALIAS(10009, "Invalid table alias"),
      NO_TABLE_ALIAS(10010, "No table alias"),
      INVALID_FUNCTION(10011, "Invalid function"),
      INVALID_FUNCTION_SIGNATURE(10012, "Function argument type mismatch"),
      INVALID_OPERATOR_SIGNATURE(10013, "Operator argument type mismatch"),
      INVALID_ARGUMENT(10014, "Wrong arguments"),
      INVALID_ARGUMENT_LENGTH(10015, "Arguments length mismatch", "21000"),
      INVALID_ARGUMENT_TYPE(10016, "Argument type mismatch"),
      INVALID_JOIN_CONDITION_1(10017, "Both left and right aliases encountered in JOIN"),
      INVALID_JOIN_CONDITION_2(10018, "Neither left nor right aliases encountered in JOIN"),
      INVALID_JOIN_CONDITION_3(10019, "OR not supported in JOIN currently"),
      INVALID_TRANSFORM(10020, "TRANSFORM with other SELECT columns not supported"),
      UNSUPPORTED_MULTIPLE_DISTINCTS(10022, "DISTINCT on different columns not supported"
          " with skew in data"),
      NO_SUBQUERY_ALIAS(10023, "No alias for subquery"),
      NO_INSERT_INSUBQUERY(10024, "Cannot insert in a subquery. Inserting to table "),
      NON_KEY_EXPR_IN_GROUPBY(10025, "Expression not in GROUP BY key"),
      INVALID_XPATH(10026, "General . and [] operators are not supported"),
      INVALID_PATH(10027, "Invalid path"),
      ILLEGAL_PATH(10028, "Path is not legal"),
      INVALID_NUMERICAL_CONSTANT(10029, "Invalid numerical constant"),
          "Not proper type for index of ARRAY. Currently, only integer type is supported"),
      INVALID_MAPINDEX_CONSTANT(10031, "Non-constant expression for map indexes not supported"),
      INVALID_MAPINDEX_TYPE(10032, "MAP key type does not match index expression type"),
      NON_COLLECTION_TYPE(10033, "[] not valid on non-collection types"),
same query"),
      COLUMN_REPEATED_IN_PARTITIONING_COLS(10035, "Column repeated in partitioning columns"),
      DUPLICATE_COLUMN_NAMES(10036, "Duplicate column name:"),
      INVALID_BUCKET_NUMBER(10037, "Bucket number should be bigger than zero"),
      COLUMN_REPEATED_IN_CLUSTER_SORT(10038, "Same column cannot appear in CLUSTER BY and
      SAMPLE_RESTRICTION(10039, "Cannot SAMPLE on more than two columns"),
      SAMPLE_COLUMN_NOT_FOUND(10040, "SAMPLE column not found"),
      NO_PARTITION_PREDICATE(10041, "No partition predicate found"),
      INVALID_DOT(10042, ". Operator is only supported on struct or list of struct types"),
      INVALID_TBL_DDL_SERDE(10043, "Either list of columns or a custom serializer should be
          "Cannot insert into target table because column number/types are different"),
      TABLE_ALIAS_NOT_ALLOWED(10045, "Table alias not allowed in sampling clause"),
      ORDERBY_DISTRIBUTEBY_CONFLICT(10047, "Cannot have both ORDER BY and DISTRIBUTE BY clauses"),
      CLUSTERBY_SORTBY_CONFLICT(10048, "Cannot have both CLUSTER BY and SORT BY clauses"),
      ORDERBY_SORTBY_CONFLICT(10049, "Cannot have both ORDER BY and SORT BY clauses"),
      CLUSTERBY_ORDERBY_CONFLICT(10050, "Cannot have both CLUSTER BY and ORDER BY clauses"),
      NO_LIMIT_WITH_ORDERBY(10051, "In strict mode, if ORDER BY is specified, "
          + "LIMIT must also be specified"),
      NO_CARTESIAN_PRODUCT(10052, "In strict mode, cartesian product is not allowed. "
          + "If you really want to perform the operation, set hive.mapred.mode=nonstrict"),
      UNION_NOTIN_SUBQ(10053, "Top level UNION is not supported currently; "
          + "use a subquery for the UNION"),
      INVALID_INPUT_FORMAT_TYPE(10054, "Input format must implement InputFormat"),
      INVALID_OUTPUT_FORMAT_TYPE(10055, "Output Format must implement HiveOutputFormat, "
          + "otherwise it should be either IgnoreKeyTextOutputFormat or SequenceFileOutputFormat"),
      NO_VALID_PARTN(10056, "The query does not reference any valid partition. "
          + "To run this query, set hive.mapred.mode=nonstrict"),
      NO_OUTER_MAPJOIN(10057, "MAPJOIN cannot be performed with OUTER JOIN"),
      INVALID_MAPJOIN_HINT(10058, "All tables are specified as map-table for join"),
      INVALID_MAPJOIN_TABLE(10059, "Result of a union cannot be a map table"),
      NON_BUCKETED_TABLE(10060, "Sampling expression needed for non-bucketed table"),
      BUCKETED_NUMERATOR_BIGGER_DENOMINATOR(10061, "Numerator should not be bigger than "
          + "denominator in sample clause for table"),
      NEED_PARTITION_ERROR(10062, "Need to specify partition columns because the destination
          + "table is partitioned"),
      CTAS_CTLT_COEXISTENCE(10063, "Create table command does not allow LIKE and AS-SELECT
in "
          + "the same command"),
          + "newline '\\n' right now"),
      CTAS_COLLST_COEXISTENCE(10065, "CREATE TABLE AS SELECT command cannot specify "
          + "the list of columns "
          + "for the target table"),
      CTLT_COLLST_COEXISTENCE(10066, "CREATE TABLE LIKE command cannot specify the list of
columns for "
          + "the target table"),
      INVALID_SELECT_SCHEMA(10067, "Cannot derive schema from the select-clause"),
          + "partitioning in the target table "),
      CTAS_MULTI_LOADFILE(10069, "CREATE-TABLE-AS-SELECT results in multiple file load"),
      CTAS_EXTTBL_COEXISTENCE(10070, "CREATE-TABLE-AS-SELECT cannot create external table"),
      INSERT_EXTERNAL_TABLE(10071, "Inserting into a external table is not allowed"),
      DATABASE_NOT_EXISTS(10072, "Database does not exist:"),
      TABLE_ALREADY_EXISTS(10073, "Table already exists:", "42S02"),
      COLUMN_ALIAS_ALREADY_EXISTS(10074, "Column alias already exists:", "42S02"),
      UDTF_MULTIPLE_EXPR(10075, "Only a single expression in the SELECT clause is "
          + "supported with UDTF's"),
      @Deprecated UDTF_REQUIRE_AS(10076, "UDTF's require an AS clause"),
      UDTF_NO_GROUP_BY(10077, "GROUP BY is not supported with a UDTF in the SELECT clause"),
      UDTF_NO_SORT_BY(10078, "SORT BY is not supported with a UDTF in the SELECT clause"),
      UDTF_NO_CLUSTER_BY(10079, "CLUSTER BY is not supported with a UDTF in the SELECT clause"),
      UDTF_NO_DISTRIBUTE_BY(10080, "DISTRUBTE BY is not supported with a UDTF in the SELECT
      UDTF_INVALID_LOCATION(10081, "UDTF's are not supported outside the SELECT clause, nor
nested "
          + "in expressions"),
      UDTF_LATERAL_VIEW(10082, "UDTF's cannot be in a select expression when there is a lateral
      UDTF_ALIAS_MISMATCH(10083, "The number of aliases supplied in the AS clause does not
match the "
          + "number of columns output by the UDTF"),
      UDF_STATEFUL_INVALID_LOCATION(10084, "Stateful UDF's can only be invoked in the SELECT
      LATERAL_VIEW_WITH_JOIN(10085, "JOIN with a LATERAL VIEW is not supported"),
      LATERAL_VIEW_INVALID_CHILD(10086, "LATERAL VIEW AST with invalid child"),
      OUTPUT_SPECIFIED_MULTIPLE_TIMES(10087, "The same output cannot be present multiple times:
      INVALID_AS(10088, "AS clause has an invalid number of aliases"),
      VIEW_COL_MISMATCH(10089, "The number of columns produced by the SELECT clause does not
match the "
          + "number of column names specified by CREATE VIEW"),
      DML_AGAINST_VIEW(10090, "A view cannot be used as target table for LOAD or INSERT"),
      ANALYZE_VIEW(10091, "ANALYZE is not supported for views"),
      VIEW_PARTITION_TOTAL(10092, "At least one non-partitioning column must be present in
      VIEW_PARTITION_MISMATCH(10093, "Rightmost columns in view output do not match "
          + "PARTITIONED ON clause"),
      PARTITION_DYN_STA_ORDER(10094, "Dynamic partition cannot be the parent of a static partition"),
      DYNAMIC_PARTITION_DISABLED(10095, "Dynamic partition is disabled. Either enable it by
setting "
          + "hive.exec.dynamic.partition=true or specify partition column values"),
      DYNAMIC_PARTITION_STRICT_MODE(10096, "Dynamic partition strict mode requires at least
one "
          + "static partition column. To turn this off set hive.exec.dynamic.partition.mode=nonstrict"),
      NONEXISTPARTCOL(10098, "Non-Partition column appears in the partition specification:
      UNSUPPORTED_TYPE(10099, "DATETIME type isn't supported yet. Please use "
          + "DATE or TIMESTAMP instead"),
      CREATE_NON_NATIVE_AS(10100, "CREATE TABLE AS SELECT cannot be used for a non-native
      LOAD_INTO_NON_NATIVE(10101, "A non-native table cannot be used as target for LOAD"),
      LOCKMGR_NOT_SPECIFIED(10102, "Lock manager not specified correctly, set hive.lock.manager"),
      LOCKMGR_NOT_INITIALIZED(10103, "Lock manager could not be initialized, check hive.lock.manager
      LOCK_CANNOT_BE_ACQUIRED(10104, "Locks on the underlying objects cannot be acquired.
          + "retry after some time"),
      ZOOKEEPER_CLIENT_COULD_NOT_BE_INITIALIZED(10105, "Check hive.zookeeper.quorum "
          + "and hive.zookeeper.client.port"),
      OVERWRITE_ARCHIVED_PART(10106, "Cannot overwrite an archived partition. " +
          "Unarchive before running this command"),
      ARCHIVE_METHODS_DISABLED(10107, "Archiving methods are currently disabled. " +
          "Please see the Hive wiki for more information about enabling archiving"),
      ARCHIVE_ON_MULI_PARTS(10108, "ARCHIVE can only be run on a single partition"),
      UNARCHIVE_ON_MULI_PARTS(10109, "ARCHIVE can only be run on a single partition"),
      ARCHIVE_ON_TABLE(10110, "ARCHIVE can only be run on partitions"),
      RESERVED_PART_VAL(10111, "Partition value contains a reserved substring"),
      OFFLINE_TABLE_OR_PARTITION(10113, "Query against an offline table or partition"),
      OUTERJOIN_USES_FILTERS(10114, "The query results could be wrong. " +
                             "Turn on hive.outerjoin.supports.filters"),
      NEED_PARTITION_SPECIFICATION(10115, "Table is partitioned and partition specification
is needed"),
      INVALID_METADATA(10116, "The metadata file could not be parsed "),
      NEED_TABLE_SPECIFICATION(10117, "Table name could be determined; It should be specified
      PARTITION_EXISTS(10118, "Partition already exists"),
      TABLE_DATA_EXISTS(10119, "Table exists and contains data files"),
      INCOMPATIBLE_SCHEMA(10120, "The existing table is not compatible with the import spec.
      EXIM_FOR_NON_NATIVE(10121, "Export/Import cannot be done for a non-native table. "),
      INSERT_INTO_BUCKETIZED_TABLE(10122, "Bucketized tables do not support INSERT INTO:"),
      NO_COMPARE_BIGINT_STRING(10123, "In strict mode, comparing bigints and strings is not
allowed, "
          + "it may result in a loss of precision. "
          + "If you really want to perform the operation, set hive.mapred.mode=nonstrict"),
      NO_COMPARE_BIGINT_DOUBLE(10124, "In strict mode, comparing bigints and doubles is not
allowed, "
          + "it may result in a loss of precision. "
          + "If you really want to perform the operation, set hive.mapred.mode=nonstrict"),
      PARTSPEC_DIFFER_FROM_SCHEMA(10125, "Partition columns in partition specification are
          + "not the same as that defined in the table schema. "
          + "The names and orders have to be exactly the same."),
      PARTITION_COLUMN_NON_PRIMITIVE(10126, "Partition column must be of primitive type."),
          "Dynamic partitions do not support IF NOT EXISTS. Specified partitions with value
      UDAF_INVALID_LOCATION(10128, "Not yet supported place for UDAF"),
        "Drop partitions for a non-string partition column is only allowed using equality"),
      ALTER_COMMAND_FOR_VIEWS(10131, "To alter a view you need to use the ALTER VIEW command."),
      ALTER_COMMAND_FOR_TABLES(10132, "To alter a base table you need to use the ALTER TABLE
      ALTER_VIEW_DISALLOWED_OP(10133, "Cannot use this form of ALTER on a view"),
      ALTER_TABLE_NON_NATIVE(10134, "ALTER TABLE cannot be used for a non-native table"),
          "Sort merge bucketed join could not be performed. " +
          "If you really want to perform the operation, either set " +
          "hive.optimize.bucketmapjoin.sortedmerge=false, or set " +
        "Bucketed mapjoin cannot be performed. " +
        "This can be due to multiple reasons: " +
        " . Join columns dont match bucketed columns. " +
        " . Number of buckets are not a multiple of each other. " +
        "If you really want to perform the operation, either remove the " +
        "mapjoin hint from your query or set hive.enforce.bucketmapjoin to false."),
       "Bucketed table metadata is not correct. " +
        "Fix the metadata or don't use bucketed mapjoin, by setting " +
        "hive.enforce.bucketmapjoin to false."),
      JOINNODE_OUTERJOIN_MORETHAN_16(10142, "Single join node containing outer join(s) " +
          "cannot have more than 16 aliases"),
      INVALID_JDO_FILTER_EXPRESSION(10143, "Invalid expression for JDO filter"),
      SHOW_CREATETABLE_INDEX(10144, "SHOW CREATE TABLE does not support tables of type INDEX_TABLE."),
      ALTER_BUCKETNUM_NONBUCKETIZED_TBL(10145, "Table is not bucketized."),
      TRUNCATE_FOR_NON_MANAGED_TABLE(10146, "Cannot truncate non-managed table {0}.", true),
      TRUNCATE_FOR_NON_NATIVE_TABLE(10147, "Cannot truncate non-native table {0}.", true),
      PARTSPEC_FOR_NON_PARTITIONED_TABLE(10148, "Partition spec for non partitioned table
{0}.", true),
      LOAD_INTO_STORED_AS_DIR(10195, "A stored-as-directories table cannot be used as target
for LOAD"),
      ALTER_TBL_STOREDASDIR_NOT_SKEWED(10196, "This operation is only valid on skewed table."),
      ALTER_TBL_SKEWED_LOC_NO_LOC(10197, "Alter table skewed location doesn't have locations."),
      ALTER_TBL_SKEWED_LOC_NO_MAP(10198, "Alter table skewed location doesn't have location
      SKEWED_TABLE_NO_COLUMN_NAME(10200, "No skewed column name."),
      SKEWED_TABLE_NO_COLUMN_VALUE(10201, "No skewed values."),
          "Duplicate skewed column name:"),
          "Invalid skewed column name:"),
          "Skewed column name is empty but skewed value is not."),
          "Skewed column value is empty but skewed name is not."),
          "The number of skewed column names and the number of " +
          "skewed column values are different: "),
          " is a skewed column. It's not allowed to rename skewed column"
              + " or change skewed column type."),
        "Grouping sets aggregations (with rollups or cubes) are not allowed if map-side "
        " aggregation is turned off. Set if you want to use grouping sets"),
        "Grouping sets aggregations (with rollups or cubes) are not allowed if aggregation
function " +
        "parameters overlap with the aggregation functions columns"),
        "Grouping sets aggregations are not allowed if no aggregation function is presented"),
        "In order to use hive.optimize.union.remove, the hadoop version that you are using
" +
        "should support sub-directories for tables/partitions. If that is true, set " +
        "hive.hadoop.supports.subdirectories to true. Otherwise, set hive.optimize.union.remove
" +
        "to false"),
        "Grouping sets expression is not in GROUP BY key"),
      INVALID_PARTITION_SPEC(10214, "Invalid partition spec specified"),
        "Please use the following syntax if not sure " +
        "whether the property existed or not:\n" +
        "ALTER TABLE tableName UNSET TBLPROPERTIES IF EXISTS (key1, key2, ...)\n"),
        "Cannot ALTER VIEW AS SELECT if view currently does not exist\n"),
        "Cannot replace a view with CREATE VIEW or REPLACE VIEW or " +
        "ALTER VIEW AS SELECT if the view has partitions\n"),
        "Existing table is not a view\n"),
        "Position in ORDER BY is not supported when using SELECT *"),
        "Invalid position alias in Group By\n"),
        "Invalid position alias in Order By\n"),
        "An additional MR job is introduced since the number of rows created per input row
" +
        "due to grouping sets is more than There is
no need " +
        "to handle skew separately. set hive.groupby.skewindata to false."),
        "An additional MR job is introduced since the cardinality of grouping sets " +
        "is more than This functionality is not supported
" +
        "with distincts. Either set to a high number
" +
        "(higher than the number of rows per input row due to grouping sets in the query),
or " +
        "rewrite the query to not use distincts."),
        "Not all clauses are supported with mapjoin hint. Please remove mapjoin hint."),
          + "a non-native table"),
for "
          + "a non-native table"),
          + "support non-RCfile. "),
          + "doesn't support external table: "),
      ANALYZE_TABLE_PARTIALSCAN_AGGKEY(10232, "Analyze partialscan command "
                + "fails to construct aggregation for the partition "),
      ANALYZE_TABLE_PARTIALSCAN_AUTOGATHER(10233, "Analyze partialscan is not allowed " +
                "if hive.stats.autogather is set to false"),
      PARTITION_VALUE_NOT_CONTINUOUS(10234, "Parition values specifed are not continuous."
                " A subpartition value is specified without specififying the parent partition's
      TABLES_INCOMPATIBLE_SCHEMAS(10235, "Tables have incompatible schemas and their partitions
" +
                " cannot be exchanged."),
      TRUNCATE_COLUMN_INDEXED_TABLE(10236, "Can not truncate columns from table with indexes"),
      TRUNCATE_COLUMN_NOT_RC(10237, "Only RCFileFormat supports column truncation."),
      TRUNCATE_COLUMN_ARCHIVED(10238, "Column truncation cannot be performed on archived partitions."),
          "A column on which a partition/table is bucketed cannot be truncated."),
          "A column on which a partition/table is list bucketed cannot be truncated."),
      TABLE_NOT_PARTITIONED(10241, "Table {0} is not a partitioned table", true),
      DATABSAE_ALREADY_EXISTS(10242, "Database {0} already exists", true),
      CANNOT_REPLACE_COLUMNS(10243, "Replace columns is not supported for table {0}. SerDe
may be incompatible.", true),
      BAD_LOCATION_VALUE(10244, "{0}  is not absolute.  Please specify a complete absolute
      UNSUPPORTED_ALTER_TBL_OP(10245, "{0} alter table options is not supported"),
      INVALID_BIGTABLE_MAPJOIN(10246, "{0} table chosen for streaming is not valid", true),
      MISSING_OVER_CLAUSE(10247, "Missing over clause for function : "),
      PARTITION_SPEC_TYPE_MISMATCH(10248, "Cannot add partition column {0} of type {1} as
it cannot be converted to type {2}", true),
      UNSUPPORTED_SUBQUERY_EXPRESSION(10249, "Unsupported SubQuery Expression"),
      INVALID_SUBQUERY_EXPRESSION(10250, "Invalid SubQuery expression"),
      INVALID_HDFS_URI(10251, "{0} is not a hdfs uri", true),
      INVALID_DIR(10252, "{0} is not a directory", true),
      NO_VALID_LOCATIONS(10253, "Could not find any valid location to place the jars. " +
          "Please update or with a valid location",
          "Principal type GROUP is not supported in this authorization setting", "28000"),
      INVALID_TABLE_NAME(10255, "Invalid table name {0}", true),
      INSERT_INTO_IMMUTABLE_TABLE(10256, "Inserting into a non-empty immutable table is not
          "Resource type GLOBAL is not supported in this authorization setting", "28000"),
          "Resource type COLUMN is not supported in this authorization setting", "28000"),
      TXNMGR_NOT_SPECIFIED(10260, "Transaction manager not specified correctly, " +
          "set hive.txn.manager"),
      TXNMGR_NOT_INSTANTIATED(10261, "Transaction manager could not be " +
          "instantiated, check hive.txn.manager"),
      TXN_NO_SUCH_TRANSACTION(10262, "No record of transaction {0} could be found, " +
          "may have timed out", true),
      TXN_ABORTED(10263, "Transaction manager has aborted the transaction {0}.", true),
          "To use DbTxnManager you must set"),
      TXNMGR_NOT_ACID(10265, "This command is not allowed on an ACID table {0}.{1} with a
non-ACID transaction manager", true),
      LOCK_NO_SUCH_LOCK(10270, "No record of lock {0} could be found, " +
          "may have timed out", true),
      LOCK_REQUEST_UNSUPPORTED(10271, "Current transaction manager does not " +
          "support explicit lock requests.  Transaction manager:  "),
      METASTORE_COMMUNICATION_FAILED(10280, "Error communicating with the " +
      METASTORE_COULD_NOT_INITIATE(10281, "Unable to initiate connection to the " +
      INVALID_COMPACTION_TYPE(10282, "Invalid compaction type, supported values are 'major'
and " +
      NO_COMPACTION_PARTITION(10283, "You must specify a partition to compact for partitioned
      TOO_MANY_COMPACTION_PARTITIONS(10284, "Compaction can only be requested on one partition
at a " +
      DISTINCT_NOT_SUPPORTED(10285, "Distinct keyword is not support in current context"),
      UPDATEDELETE_PARSE_ERROR(10290, "Encountered parse error while parsing rewritten update
or " +
          "delete query"),
      UPDATEDELETE_IO_ERROR(10291, "Encountered I/O error while parsing rewritten update or
" +
          "delete query"),
      UPDATE_CANNOT_UPDATE_PART_VALUE(10292, "Updating values of partition columns is not
      INSERT_CANNOT_CREATE_TEMP_FILE(10293, "Unable to create temp file for insert values
      ACID_OP_ON_NONACID_TXNMGR(10294, "Attempt to do update or delete using transaction manager
that" +
          " does not support these operations."),
      NO_INSERT_OVERWRITE_WITH_ACID(10295, "INSERT OVERWRITE not allowed on table with OutputFormat
" +
          "that implements AcidOutputFormat while transaction manager that supports ACID is
in use"),
          "Values clause with table constructor not yet supported"),
      ACID_OP_ON_NONACID_TABLE(10297, "Attempt to do update or delete on table {0} that does
not use " +
          "an AcidOutputFormat or is not bucketed", true),
      ACID_NO_SORTED_BUCKETS(10298, "ACID insert, update, delete not supported on tables that
are " +
          "sorted, table {0}", true),
          "Alter table partition type {0} does not allow partial partition spec", true),
          "Alter table partition type {0} does not support cascade", true),
      DROP_NATIVE_FUNCTION(10301, "Cannot drop native function"),
      UPDATE_CANNOT_UPDATE_BUCKET_VALUE(10302, "Updating values of bucketing columns is not
supported.  Column {0}.", true),
      IMPORT_INTO_STRICT_REPL_TABLE(10303,"Non-repl import disallowed against table that is
a destination of replication."),
      CTAS_LOCATION_NONEMPTY(10304, "CREATE-TABLE-AS-SELECT cannot create table with location
to a non-empty directory."),
      CTAS_CREATES_VOID_TYPE(10305, "CREATE-TABLE-AS-SELECT creates a VOID type, please use
CAST to specify the type, near field: "),
      TBL_SORTED_NOT_BUCKETED(10306, "Destination table {0} found to be sorted but not bucketed.",
      //{2} should be lockid
      LOCK_ACQUIRE_TIMEDOUT(10307, "Lock acquisition for {0} timed out after {1}ms.  {2}",
      COMPILE_LOCK_TIMED_OUT(10308, "Attempt to acquire compile lock timed out.", true),
      CANNOT_CHANGE_SERDE(10309, "Changing SerDe (from {0}) is not supported for table {1}.
File format may be incompatible", true),
      CANNOT_CHANGE_FILEFORMAT(10310, "Changing file format (from {0}) is not supported for
table {1}", true),
      CANNOT_REORDER_COLUMNS(10311, "Reordering columns is not supported for table {0}. SerDe
may be incompatible", true),
      CANNOT_CHANGE_COLUMN_TYPE(10312, "Changing from type {0} to {1} is not supported for
column {2}. SerDe may be incompatible", true),
      REPLACE_CANNOT_DROP_COLUMNS(10313, "Replacing columns cannot drop columns for table
{0}. SerDe may be incompatible", true),
      REPLACE_UNSUPPORTED_TYPE_CONVERSION(10314, "Replacing columns with unsupported type
conversion (from {0} to {1}) for column {2}. SerDe may be incompatible", true),
          "Grouping sets aggregations (with rollups or cubes) are not allowed when " +
          "HIVEMULTIGROUPBYSINGLEREDUCER is turned on. Set hive.multigroupby.singlereducer=false
if you want to use grouping sets"),
      CANNOT_RETRIEVE_TABLE_METADATA(10316, "Error while retrieving table metadata"),
      CANNOT_DROP_INDEX(10317, "Error while dropping index"),
      INVALID_AST_TREE(10318, "Internal error : Invalid AST"),
      ERROR_SERIALIZE_METASTORE(10319, "Error while serializing the metastore objects"),
      IO_ERROR(10320, "Error while peforming IO operation "),
      ERROR_SERIALIZE_METADATA(10321, "Error while serializing the metadata"),
      INVALID_LOAD_TABLE_FILE_WORK(10322, "Invalid Load Table Work or Load File Work"),
      CLASSPATH_ERROR(10323, "Classpath error"),
      IMPORT_SEMANTIC_ERROR(10324, "Import Semantic Analyzer Error"),

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