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From spark receiver <>
Subject Reload some static data during struct streaming
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2017 21:21:25 GMT

I’m using struct streaming(spark 2.2)  to receive Kafka msg ,it works great. The thing is
I need to join the Kafka message with a relative static table stored in mysql database (let’s
call it metadata here).

So is it possible to reload the metadata table after some time interval(like daily ) without
restart running struct streaming?

Snippet code as following :
// df_meta contains important information to join with the dataframe read from kafka
val df_meta ="jdbc").option("url", mysql_url).option("dbtable", "v_entity_ap_rel").load()
val df = spark.readStream
  .option("kafka.bootstrap.servers", “x.x.x.x:9092").option("fetch.message.max.bytes", "50000000").option("kafka.max.partition.fetch.bytes",
  .option("subscribe", "rawdb.raw_data")
  .option("failOnDataLoss", true)
  .option("startingOffsets", "latest")
  .as[ApRawData].select("APMAC", "RSSI", "sourceMacAddress", "updatingTime")
  .join("b"), $"a.apmac" === $"b.apmac”)

df.selectExpr("ENTITYID", "CLIENTMAC", "STIME", "case when a.rrssi>=b.rssi then '1' when
a.rrssi < b.nearbyrssi then '3' else '2' end FLAG", "substring(stime,1,13) STIME_HOUR")
  .option("checkpointLocation", "/user/root/t_cf_table_chpt").trigger(ProcessingTime("5 minutes"))

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