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From Stephen Boesch <>
Subject Re: roadmap 2.3.0 and beyond
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2017 14:52:25 GMT
There are several  JIRA's and/or PR's that contain logic the Data Science
teams that I work with use in their local models. We are trying to
determine if/when these features may gain traction again.  In at least one
case all of the work were done but the shepherd said that getting it
committed were of lower priority than other tasks - one specifically
mentioned was the mllib/ml parity that has been ongoing for nearly three

In order to prioritize work that the ML platform would do it would be
helpful to know at least which if any of those tasks were going to be moved
ahead by the community: since we could then focus on other ones instead of
duplicating the effort.

In addition there are some engineering code jam sessions that happen
periodically: knowing which features are actively on the roadmap would
*influence our selection of work.  The roadmaps from 2.2.0 and earlier were
a very good starting point to understand not just the specific work in
progress - but also the current mindset/thinking of the committers in terms
of general priorities.

So if the same format of document were not available - then what content *is
*that gives a picture of where were headed?

2017-11-29 6:39 GMT-08:00 Stephen Boesch <>:

> Any further information/ thoughts?
> 2017-11-22 15:07 GMT-08:00 Stephen Boesch <>:
>> The roadmaps for prior releases e.g. 1.6 2.0 2.1 2.2 were available:
>> 2.2.0
>> 2.1.0
>> ..
>> It seems those roadmaps were not available per se' for 2.3.0 and later?
>> Is there a different mechanism for that info?
>> stephenb

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