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From Holden Karau <>
Subject Should we consider a Spark 2.1.1 release?
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2017 19:06:47 GMT
Hi Spark Devs,

Spark 2.1 has been out since end of December
and we've got quite a few fixes merged for 2.1.1

On the Python side one of the things I'd like to see us get out into a
patch release is a packaging fix (now merged) before we upload to PyPI &
Conda, and we also have the normal batch of fixes like toLocalIterator for
large DataFrames in PySpark.

I've chatted with Felix & Shivaram who seem to think the R side is looking
close to in good shape for a 2.1.1 release to submit to CRAN (if I've
miss-spoken my apologies). The two outstanding issues that are being
tracked for R are SPARK-18817, SPARK-19237.

Looking at the other components quickly it seems like structured streaming
could also benefit from a patch release.

What do others think - are there any issues people are actively targeting
for 2.1.1? Is this too early to be considering a patch release?


Cell : 425-233-8271

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