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From "assaf.mendelson" <>
Subject Handling questions in the mailing lists
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2016 11:32:43 GMT
I know this is a little off topic but I wanted to raise an issue about handling questions
in the mailing list (this is true both for the user mailing list and the dev but since there
are other options such as stack overflow for user questions, this is more problematic in dev).
Let's say I ask a question (as I recently did). Unfortunately this was during spark summit
in Europe so probably people were busy. In any case no one answered.
The problem is, that if no one answers very soon, the question will almost certainly remain
unanswered because new messages will simply drown it.

This is a common issue not just for questions but for any comment or idea which is not immediately
picked up.

I believe we should have a method of handling this.
Generally, I would say these types of things belong in stack overflow, after all, the way
it is built is perfect for this. More seasoned spark contributors and committers can periodically
check out unanswered questions and answer them.
The problem is that stack overflow (as well as other targets such as the databricks forums)
tend to have a more user based orientation. This means that any spark internal question will
almost certainly remain unanswered.

I was wondering if we could come up with a solution for this.


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