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From Cody Koeninger <>
Subject Re: [PSA] TaskContext.partitionId != the actual logical partition index
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2016 18:14:13 GMT
Access to the partition ID is necessary for basically every single one
of my jobs, and there isn't a foreachPartiionWithIndex equivalent.
You can kind of work around it with empty foreach after the map, but
it's really awkward to explain to people.

On Thu, Oct 20, 2016 at 12:52 PM, Reynold Xin <> wrote:
> FYI - Xiangrui submitted an amazing pull request to fix a long standing
> issue with a lot of the nondeterministic expressions (rand, randn,
> monotonically_increasing_id):
> Prior to this PR, we were using TaskContext.partitionId as the partition
> index in initializing expressions. However, that is actually not a good
> index to use in most cases, because it is the physical task's partition id
> and does not always reflect the partition index at the time the RDD is
> created (or in the Spark SQL physical plan). This makes a big difference
> once there is a union or coalesce operation.
> The "index" given by mapPartitionsWithIndex, on the other hand, does not
> have this problem because it actually reflects the logical partition index
> at the time the RDD is created.
> When is it safe to use TaskContext.partitionId? It is safe at the very end
> of a query plan (the root node), because there partitionId is guaranteed
> based on the current implementation to be the same as the physical task
> partition id.
> For example, prior to Xiangrui's PR, the following query would return 2
> rows, whereas the correct behavior should be 1 entry:
> spark.range(1).selectExpr("rand(1)").union(spark.range(1).selectExpr("rand(1)"))
> The reason it'd return 2 rows is because rand was using
> TaskContext.partitionId as the per-partition seed, and as a result the two
> sides of the union are using different seeds.
> I'm starting to think we should deprecate the API and ban the use of it
> within the project to be safe ...

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