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From Tom Graves <>
Subject Re: [discuss] Spark 2.x release cadence
Date Wed, 28 Sep 2016 14:30:19 GMT
+1 to 4 months.

    On Tuesday, September 27, 2016 2:07 PM, Reynold Xin <> wrote:

 We are 2 months past releasing Spark 2.0.0, an important milestone for the project. Spark
2.0.0 deviated (took 6 month from the regular release cadence we had for the 1.x line, and
we never explicitly discussed what the release cadence should look like for 2.x. Thus this
During Spark 1.x, roughly every three months we make a new 1.x feature release (e.g. 1.5.0
comes out three months after 1.4.0). Development happened primarily in the first two months,
and then a release branch was cut at the end of month 2, and the last month was reserved for
QA and release preparation.
During 2.0.0 development, I really enjoyed the longer release cycle because there was a lot
of major changes happening and the longer time was critical for thinking through architectural
changes as well as API design. While I don't expect the same degree of drastic changes in
a 2.x feature release, I do think it'd make sense to increase the length of release cycle
so we can make better designs.
My strawman proposal is to maintain a regular release cadence, as we did in Spark 1.x, and
increase the cycle from 3 months to 4 months. This effectively gives us ~50% more time to
develop (in reality it'd be slightly less than 50% since longer dev time also means longer
QA time). As for maintenance releases, I think those should still be cut on-demand, similar
to Spark 1.x, but more aggressively.
To put this into perspective, 4-month cycle means we will release Spark 2.1.0 at the end of
Nov or early Dec (and branch cut / code freeze at the end of Oct).
I am curious what others think.

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