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From Arun Allamsetty <>
Subject Re: Requesting feedback for PR for SPARK-11962
Date Mon, 02 May 2016 15:24:37 GMT

Since the 2.0.0 branch has been created and is now nearing feature freeze,
can SPARK-11962 get some love please. If we can decide if this should go
into 2.0.0 or 2.1.0, that would be great. Personally, I feel it can totally
go into 2.0.0 as the code is pretty much ready (except for the one bug that
I need your help with).


On Fri, Apr 29, 2016 at 1:00 PM, Arun Allamsetty <>

> Hi,
> I have submitted a PR for SPARK-11962 (
> I have most of it ready
> except I am not able to pin point the cause for a particular bug.
> In the PR I've added two major methods to Row, `attempt` and `getOption`.
> The former returns a `Try` while the latter returns an `Option`.
>    - `attempt` was added after a comment was made in PR #10247
>    <>, where it was suggested I
>    not return `None` when certain exceptions are thrown. But in my
>    opinion, throwing exceptions from a function which returns an `Option`
>    is not a good use case.
>    - I am not in love with the method name, `attempt`. Would welcome
>    suggestions. I wanted to use `try` but it's a keyword.
>    - So about the failing tests (which shouldn't fail in my opinion), in
>    `RowTest`, all new tests testing for `ClassCastException` fail. I have
>    modified tests as comments in the code blocks (with TODOs) which work, but
>    should behave the same way as the actual test from what I can see. I am
>    not sure what I am doing wrong in the code here.
> Would appreciate some feedback.
> Thanks,
> Arun
> P. S. I have sent similar emails to the dev mailing list before but I
> don't see them in the dev archives. I am guessing they were not received as
> I was not subscribed to the dev list. Hopefully this would work as I have
> subscribed now.

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