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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Using Travis for JDK7/8 compilation and lint-java.
Date Mon, 23 May 2016 09:54:34 GMT

On 23 May 2016, at 05:21, Dongjoon Hyun <<>>

Thank you for feedback. Sure, correctly, that's the reason why the current SparkPullRequestBuilder
do not run `lint-java`. :-)

In addition, that's the same reason why contributors are reluctant to run `lint-java` and
causes breaking on JDK7 builds.

Such a tedious and time-consuming job should be done by CI without human interventions.

By the way, why do you think we need to wait for that? We should not wait for any CIs, we
should continue our own work.


Any time you spend waiting for tests to complete is time you could be doing useful things.
I've had VMs running jenkins watching git branches do this in the past: every time I push

My proposal isn't for making you wait to watch the result. There are two use cases I want
for us to focus here.

Case 1: When you make a PR to Spark PR queue.

    Travis CI will finish before SparkPullRequestBuilder.
    We will run the followings in parallel mode.
         1. Current SparkPullRequestBuilder: JDK8 + sbt build + (no Java Linter)
         2. Travis: JDK7 + mvn build + Java Linter
         3. Travis: JDK8 + mvn build + Java Linter
     As we know, 1 is the longest time-consuming one which have lots of works (except maven
building or lint-  java). You don't need to wait more in many cases. Yes, in many cases, not
all the cases.

Case 2: When you prepare a PR on your branch.

    If you are at the final commit (maybe already-squashed), just go to case 1.

    However, usually, we makes lots of commits locally while making preparing our PR.
    And, finally we squashed them into one and send a PR to Spark.
    I mean you can use Travis CI during preparing your PRs.
    Again, don't wait for Travis CI. Just push it sometime or at every commit, and continue
your work.

    At the final stage when you finish your coding, squash your commits into one,
    and amend your commit title or messages, see the Travis CI.
    Or, you can monitor Travis CI result on status menu bar.
    If it shows green icon, you have nothing to do.

To sum up, I think we don't need to wait for any CIs. It's like an email. `Send and back to

I'd add another, which is "do a build and test of this patch while I get on with something
else, that is, things which aren't ready for review, just the work you've done in the past
hour or two which you'd like tested out

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