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From Reynold Xin <>
Subject Re: graceful shutdown in external data sources
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2016 21:40:28 GMT
Maybe just add a watch dog thread and closed the connection upon some

On Wednesday, March 16, 2016, Dan Burkert <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm working on the Spark connector for Apache Kudu, and I've run into an
> issue that is a bit beyond my Spark knowledge. The Kudu connector
> internally holds an open connection to the Kudu cluster
> <>
> internally holds a Netty context with non-daemon threads. When using the
> Spark shell with the Kudu connector, exiting the shell via <ctrl>-D causes
> the shell to hang, and a thread dump reveals it's waiting for these
> non-daemon threads.  Registering a JVM shutdown hook to close the Kudu
> client does not do the trick, as it seems that the shutdown hooks are not
> fired on <ctrl>-D.
> I see that there is an internal Spark API for handling shutdown
> <>,
> is there something similar available for cleaning up external data sources?
> - Dan

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