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From Deepak Gopalakrishnan <>
Subject Mapper side join with DataFrames API
Date Mon, 29 Feb 2016 15:45:28 GMT

I'm trying to join 2 dataframes A and B with a

sqlContext.sql("SELECT * FROM A INNER JOIN B ON A.a=B.a");

Now what I have done is that I have registeredTempTables for A and B after
loading these DataFrames from different sources. I need the join to be
really fast and I was wondering if there is a way to use the SQL statement
and then being able to do a mapper side join ( say my table B is small) ?

I read some articles on using broadcast to do mapper side joins. Could I do
something like this and then execute my sql statement to achieve mapper
side join ?

DataFrame B = sparkContext.broadcast(B);

*Deepak Gopalakrishnan*
*Skype* : deepakgk87

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