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From Lars Francke <>
Subject JIRA: Wrong dates from imported JIRAs
Date Fri, 11 Dec 2015 07:40:34 GMT

I've been digging into JIRA a bit and found a couple of old issues (~250)
and I just assume that they are all from the old JIRA.

Here's one example:

Old: <>
New: <>

created": "0012-08-21T09:03:00.000-0800",

That's quite impressive but wrong :)

That means when you sort all Apache JIRAs by creation date Spark comes
first: <

The dates were already wrong in the source JIRA.

Now it seems as if those can be fixed using a CSV import. I still remember
how painful the initial import was but this looks relatively straight
forward <

If everyone's okay with it I'd raise it with INFRA (and would prepare the
necessary CSV file) but as I'm not a committer it'd be great if one/some of
the committers could give me a +1


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