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Subject Re: A proposal for Spark 2.0
Date Thu, 12 Nov 2015 14:49:12 GMT
Who has the idea of machine learning? Spark missing some features for machine learning, For
example, the parameter server.

> 在 2015年11月12日,05:32,Matei Zaharia <> 写道:
> I like the idea of popping out Tachyon to an optional component too to reduce the number
of dependencies. In the future, it might even be useful to do this for Hadoop, but it requires
too many API changes to be worth doing now.
> Regarding Scala 2.12, we should definitely support it eventually, but I don't think we
need to block 2.0 on that because it can be added later too. Has anyone investigated what
it would take to run on there? I imagine we don't need many code changes, just maybe some
REPL stuff.
> Needless to say, but I'm all for the idea of making "major" releases as undisruptive
as possible in the model Reynold proposed. Keeping everyone working with the same set of releases
is super important.
> Matei
>> On Nov 11, 2015, at 4:58 AM, Sean Owen <> wrote:
>> On Wed, Nov 11, 2015 at 12:10 AM, Reynold Xin <> wrote:
>>> to the Spark community. A major release should not be very different from a
>>> minor release and should not be gated based on new features. The main
>>> purpose of a major release is an opportunity to fix things that are broken
>>> in the current API and remove certain deprecated APIs (examples follow).
>> Agree with this stance. Generally, a major release might also be a
>> time to replace some big old API or implementation with a new one, but
>> I don't see obvious candidates.
>> I wouldn't mind turning attention to 2.x sooner than later, unless
>> there's a fairly good reason to continue adding features in 1.x to a
>> 1.7 release. The scope as of 1.6 is already pretty darned big.
>>> 1. Scala 2.11 as the default build. We should still support Scala 2.10, but
>>> it has been end-of-life.
>> By the time 2.x rolls around, 2.12 will be the main version, 2.11 will
>> be quite stable, and 2.10 will have been EOL for a while. I'd propose
>> dropping 2.10. Otherwise it's supported for 2 more years.
>>> 2. Remove Hadoop 1 support.
>> I'd go further to drop support for <2.2 for sure (2.0 and 2.1 were
>> sort of 'alpha' and 'beta' releases) and even <2.6.
>> I'm sure we'll think of a number of other small things -- shading a
>> bunch of stuff? reviewing and updating dependencies in light of
>> simpler, more recent dependencies to support from Hadoop etc?
>> Farming out Tachyon to a module? (I felt like someone proposed this?)
>> Pop out any Docker stuff to another repo?
>> Continue that same effort for EC2?
>> Farming out some of the "external" integrations to another repo (?
>> controversial)
>> See also anything marked version "2+" in JIRA.
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