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From Niranda Perera <>
Subject passing a AbstractFunction1 to sparkContext().runJob instead of a Closure
Date Fri, 09 Oct 2015 07:25:23 GMT
hi all,

I want to run a job in the spark context and since I am running the system
in the java environment, I can not use a closure in
the sparkContext().runJob. Instead, I am passing an AbstractFunction1

while I get the jobs run without an issue, I constantly get the following
WARN message

TID: [-1234] [] [2015-10-06 04:39:43,387]  WARN
{org.apache.spark.util.ClosureCleaner} -  Expected a closure; got

I want to know what are the implications of this approach?
could this WARN cause issues in the functionality later on?

@n1r44 <>

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