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From Justin Uang <>
Subject Using UDFs in Java without registration
Date Fri, 29 May 2015 19:54:24 GMT
I would like to define a UDF in Java via a closure and then use it without
registration. In Scala, I believe there are two ways to do this:

    myUdf = functions.udf({ _ + 5})"age")))

or{_ + 5}, DataTypes.IntegerType,

However, both of these don't work for Java UDF. The first one requires
TypeTags. For the second one, I was able to hack it by creating a scala
AbstractFunction1 and using callUDF, which requires declaring the catalyst
DataType instead of using TypeTags. However, it was still nasty because I
had to return a scala map instead of a java map.

Is there first class support for creating
a org.apache.spark.sql.UserDefinedFunction that works with
the<T1, R>? I'm fine with having to
declare the catalyst type when creating it.

If it doesn't exist, I would be happy to work on it =)


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