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From Matt Cheah <>
Subject [Performance] Possible regression in rdd.take()?
Date Thu, 19 Feb 2015 00:47:11 GMT
Hi everyone,

Between Spark 1.0.2 and Spark 1.1.1, I have noticed that rdd.take()
consistently has a slower execution time on the later release. I was
wondering if anyone else has had similar observations.

I have two setups where this reproduces. The first is a local test. I
launched a spark cluster with 4 worker JVMs on my Mac, and launched a
Spark-Shell. I retrieved the text file and immediately called rdd.take(N) on
it, where N varied. The RDD is a plaintext CSV, 4GB in size, split over 8
files, which ends up having 128 partitions, and a total of 80000000 rows.
The numbers I discovered between Spark 1.0.2 and Spark 1.1.1 are, with all
numbers being in seconds:
10000 items

Spark 1.0.2: 0.069281, 0.012261, 0.011083

Spark 1.1.1: 0.11577, 0.097636, 0.11321

40000 items

Spark 1.0.2: 0.023751, 0.069365, 0.023603

Spark 1.1.1: 0.224287, 0.229651, 0.158431

100000 items

Spark 1.0.2: 0.047019, 0.049056, 0.042568

Spark 1.1.1: 0.353277, 0.288965, 0.281751

400000 items

Spark 1.0.2: 0.216048, 0.198049, 0.796037

Spark 1.1.1: 1.865622, 2.224424, 2.037672

This small test suite indicates a consistently reproducible performance

I also notice this on a larger scale test. The cluster used is on EC2:

ec2 instance type: m2.4xlarge
10 slaves, 1 master
ephemeral storage
70 cores, 50 GB/box
In this case, I have a 100GB dataset split into 78 files totally 350 million
items, and I take the first 50,000 items from the RDD. In this case, I have
tested this on different formats of the raw data.

With plaintext files:

Spark 1.0.2: 0.422s, 0.363s, 0.382s

Spark 1.1.1: 4.54s, 1.28s, 1.221s, 1.13s

With snappy-compressed Avro files:

Spark 1.0.2: 0.73s, 0.395s, 0.426s

Spark 1.1.1: 4.618s, 1.81s, 1.158s, 1.333s

Again demonstrating a reproducible performance regression.

I was wondering if anyone else observed this regression, and if so, if
anyone would have any idea what could possibly have caused it between Spark
1.0.2 and Spark 1.1.1?


-Matt Cheah

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