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From Patrick Wendell <>
Subject Re: scalastyle annoys me a little bit
Date Thu, 23 Oct 2014 18:07:09 GMT
Hey Koert,

I think disabling the style checks in maven package could be a good
idea for the reason you point out. I was sort of mixed on that when it
was proposed for this exact reason. It's just annoying to developers.

In terms of changing the global limit, this is more religion than
anything else, but there are other cases where the current limit is
useful (e.g. if you have many windows open in a large screen).

- Patrick

On Thu, Oct 23, 2014 at 11:03 AM, Koert Kuipers <> wrote:
> 100 max width seems very restrictive to me.
> even the most restrictive environment i have for development (ssh with
> emacs) i get a lot more characters to work with than that.
> personally i find the code harder to read, not easier. like i kept
> wondering why there are weird newlines in the
> middle of constructors and such, only to realise later it was because of
> the 100 character limit.
> also, i find "mvn package" erroring out because of style errors somewhat
> excessive. i understand that a pull request needs to conform to "the style"
> before being accepted, but this means i cant even run tests on code that
> does not conform to the style guide, which is a bit silly.
> i keep going out for coffee while package and tests run, only to come back
> for an annoying error that my line is 101 characters and therefore nothing
> ran.
> is there some maven switch to disable the style checks?
> best! koert

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