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From Rahul Singhal <>
Subject Re: Announcing Spark 1.0.0
Date Fri, 30 May 2014 11:57:45 GMT
Is it intentional/ok that the tag v1.0.0 is behind tag v1.0.0-rc11?

Rahul Singhal

On 30/05/14 3:43 PM, "Patrick Wendell" <> wrote:

>I'm thrilled to announce the availability of Spark 1.0.0! Spark 1.0.0
>is a milestone release as the first in the 1.0 line of releases,
>providing API stability for Spark's core interfaces.
>Spark 1.0.0 is Spark's largest release ever, with contributions from
>117 developers. I'd like to thank everyone involved in this release -
>it was truly a community effort with fixes, features, and
>optimizations contributed from dozens of organizations.
>This release expands Spark's standard libraries, introducing a new SQL
>package (SparkSQL) which lets users integrate SQL queries into
>existing Spark workflows. MLlib, Spark's machine learning library, is
>expanded with sparse vector support and several new algorithms. The
>GraphX and Streaming libraries also introduce new features and
>optimizations. Spark's core engine adds support for secured YARN
>clusters, a unified tool for submitting Spark applications, and
>several performance and stability improvements. Finally, Spark adds
>support for Java 8 lambda syntax and improves coverage of the Java and
>Python API's.
>Those features only scratch the surface - check out the release notes
>Note that since release artifacts were posted recently, certain
>mirrors may not have working downloads for a few hours.
>- Patrick

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