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From Matus UHLAR - fantomas <>
Subject Re: Can a .spamassassin directory in a user's home directory override the site-wide configuration?
Date Sun, 14 Mar 2021 17:10:49 GMT
On 14.03.21 08:36, Steve Dondley wrote:
>I'm learning to understand how to properly set up a site-wide bayes 
>database on my server. Thanks for everyone's help and patience so far.
>I've discovered that the SA score assigned to a user's incoming email 
>is different than the SA score run through the "spamc" or 
>"spamassassin" command. For example, the SA headers for email "A" will 
>show a score of only 1.4 (non-spam) in the user's inbox. It shows as 
>non-span despite the fact that I have run it through sa-learn as spam. 
>When I run the same email through "spamc -R < <message_file>" on the 
>command line as the same user that received the original message, I 
>see a score of 6.8 and it is properly getting classified as spam.
>I'm trying to determine what accounts for the different scores and fix 
>this problem so the correct score is assigned to mail coming into the 
>user's inbox.
>After doing some investigating, I discovered the user still had a 
>.spamassassin directory in their home directory. The directory has 
>only a single "user_prefs" file. But I'm wondering if the existence of 
>this directory might cause spamassassin filter to ignore site-wide 
>bayes database. If that's not the problem, what might account for the 
>different scores and how might I fix the issue?

spamassassin reads site-wide config, then users' ~/.spamassassin/user_prefs

spamd can do the same, if it runs under root without the '-x' flag (which
disables this behavior). 

spamc connects to spamd passing the username to it, so you can override
current user by passing the "-u username" flag to it.

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