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From AK <>
Subject Re: What can one do abut
Date Thu, 19 Nov 2020 07:29:48 GMT
On 26/10/20 5:17 am, Marc Roos wrote:
>> make a reality check outside your small bubble!
> typical low iq response. I was already discussing the validity of these
> soccerplayer contracts before they had to change the system.
Afternoon Marc.

Just thought I'd let you know this same person was blocked from CentOS 
mailing list a while back due to trolling.  I'm not sure the chemicals 
deep in his noggin work as they are supposed to.  On the CentOS mailing 
list, we stopped feeding the troll and I, specifically, made sure that 
I'd never again see an email from his likes.  I wonder if the 
SpamAssassin admins could just as well stop feeding the troll here as 
well.  By stop I mean block it at the entrance.

Not knowing how many sunrises and sunsets the troll has seen, I'd want 
to hope that it's seen enough to warrant an expedient expiry - but I can 
only wish.

In the meantime, enjoy the comedy that it is.

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