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From Matthew Broadhead <>
Subject Re: Really simple setup guide
Date Fri, 10 Jul 2020 09:02:23 GMT
i tried to set up bayes training before but i feel that i was 
unsuccessful.  is there a definitive guide on setting this up on postfix 
with amavis?  if my user were the one that was training it for the other 
users that would be ideal

On 10/07/2020 10:11, Reindl Harald wrote:
> Am 10.07.20 um 09:58 schrieb Matthew Broadhead:
>> On Thunderbird if I train the spam filter for a short time I get really
>> great results with it catching most of what I would consider spam.
> the same with spamassassin when you train bayes
>> Also I wondered if there is a way to ask spamassassin to put the spam in
>> the user's spam folder rather than deleting it.
> spamassasin don't delete messages at all, it only flags them and what
> happens with spam flag in the headers is decided by the glue (amavis)
> if you not reject them and write sieve filters you can place messages
> somewhere, spamassassin has no concept of folders because it's a
> completly different layer

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