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From Axb <>
Subject Re: IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR PEOPLE RUNNING TRUNK re: [Bug 7826] Improve language around whitelist/blacklist and master/slave
Date Sat, 11 Jul 2020 05:11:10 GMT
I voted aginst it, loudly.

On 7/11/20 4:35 AM, Noel Butler wrote:
> Who is "we"
> Name the people who decided this pathetic communist dictatorship change
> and who want to enforce this upon members of 160 odd other countries
> just because theirs is fucked up?
> I want names
> I want to see the voting, come on lets be transparent, who are they, and
> who are hte ones who declared this an absolute joke voted against it.
> I want to see the names of the people who dont care what their users and
> contributors to the project think
> I await your silence
> On 11/07/2020 06:27, Kevin A. McGrail wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> A common question we are receiving is what about using this terminology
>> instead, for example allow/deny.
>> The use of welcomelist and blocklist has evolved from discussions since
>> April and work done creating patches.  We found that using these names
>> of welcomelist and blocklist are non offensive, reasonably descriptive
>> and since they still start with W and B, we avoid renaming things like
>> RBLs, WLBL, DNSBL, etc. This should help minimize the disruption when
>> 4.0 is released with the new configuration options.
>> Regards,
>> KAM

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