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From jdow <>
Subject Re: IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR PEOPLE RUNNING TRUNK re: [Bug 7826] Improve language around whitelist/blacklist and master/slave
Date Fri, 10 Jul 2020 21:22:55 GMT
On 20200710 11:31:57, Bill Cole wrote:
> On 10 Jul 2020, at 3:06, Rupert Gallagher wrote:
>> Whatever you do under the hood, make sure it does not affect external behaviour.
>> On your motivation, bear in mind that *lists here contain computer addresses, 
>> not people,
> Which is an argument FOR changing our terminology.
>> so the reference you are trying to fix is mistaken, and changes will be 
>> painstaking for no reason at all.
> That misses the actual rationale for the change.
> There's a semantic collision in English where "Black" and "White" are used both 
> to classify people and to denote moral and/or desirability dichotomies. That 
> semantic collision can be removed from our code, while improving the clarity of 
> our naming.
> The SpamAssassin Project has a particular self-interest in attracting 
> contributors from a diversity of cultures, because we are always at risk of 
> mislabelling a pattern of letters or words as 'spammy' when in fact it is 
> entirely normal in a cultural context other than those of the existing 
> contributors to the project. Continuing to use 'black' and 'white' as indicators 
> of value in code and configuration directives leaves in place a minor nuisance 
> for some potential contributors and users who are understandably tired of being 
> on the bad side of this semantic collision, where the most common word for their 
> ethnic identity is constantly being used as a label for things which are bad, 
> undesirable, malfeasant, etc. The naming collision is a problem and because the 
> inanimate entities for which we use black and white do not in fact have any 
> color we can both eliminate the collision AND improve the quality of the names 
> we use.
>> And the terms master and slave have nothing to do with white and black, and 
>> again they refer to machine processes, not people.
> This is actually almost irrelevant for SA. The main use of the master/slave 
> metaphor is in the automation backend for rule QA (e.g. build/jenkins/run_build) 
> where it merits changing simply because it is no longer consistent with the 
> terminology used by Jenkins. In spamd, parent/child is already the terminology 
> and fits the actual code better.

I am still trying to figure out the rationale for forcing everybody out there 
with established lists of "whitelist_from_rcvd" and "blacklist_from_rcvd" to go 
out there and edit EVERYBODY's user_prefs or explain to users they must do this 
themselves. *I* can do this easily enough and call them foolist_from_rcvd and 
barlist_from_rcvd if needed. I am thinking if people with setups in small 
business offices that have to invade privacy or explain how so that user_prefs 
can be changed. And how about all the ancillary scripts that train spam that 
also have to be changed?

This is something that is not broken, currently works, that some dolt is trying 
to fix. It's better you call that person a dolt than try to change the world and 
break everything. Making this change is dumb. It is counter-productive. It is 
even destructive. Just Say No.


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