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From Chris Mulcahy <>
Subject Custom rule help
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2019 20:40:27 GMT

I’m relatively new to complex custom rules.  I have plenty of simple and
some multi-condition rules but need something custom.

My approach to using my domain name is bad but I started it in the 90s so…
 I have some sites where I gave them my email address as “” so I would know who sold my address. Obviously,
now there are a bunch of leaked lists so I get spam to those addresses even
though it wasn’t really sold.

I want a rule that scores if “sitename” is not in the From: line.  If they
send from, I’ll assume it’s legit. If sitename does not
exist, I’ll tick up the score a bit. I have done this for some specific
domains but they are all individual rules hardcoding the domain name. I
want it to search "To =~ /(.*)\.com\@mydomain\.com/i" and find the match in
the From: line.

Any advice?

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