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From Tom Hendrikx <>
Subject Re: Rule for detecting two email addresses in From: field.
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2019 11:26:44 GMT
On 04-10-19 04:31, Bill Cole wrote:
> On 3 Oct 2019, at 20:01, Rick Cooper wrote:
>> Philip wrote:
>>> Morning List,
>>> Lately I'm getting a bunch of emails that are showing up with two
>>> email addresses in the From: field.
>>> From: "Persons Name <>" <>
>>> When you look in your mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird) it's showing
>>> only "Persons Name <>"
>>> Is there a way I can mark From: that has 2 email addresses in it as
>>> spam? Pro's Cons?
>>> Phil
>> From: =~ /^.*?<.+?\@.+?>.*?<.+\@.+?>/g
>> Can't imagine the circumstance where such a from: format would be 
>> required
> I've seen it used as a perfectly reasonable workaround for the 
> misfeature described above of many MUAs of hiding the address field in 
> To/From/CC headers. Because many people actually want to know what the 
> actual address is.

I would disagree on the "reasonable" here. People using a mailclient 
should configure it as they wish. My client hides email addresses for 
everyone in my address book, but not for 'unknown' addresses.

That is how I like it, and I don't think senders should try to enforce a 
workaround for this because their recipients are too stupid to configure 
their email client (or switch to a decent one).

Anyway, the main harm is done when the email adresses in the 'addr' 
field and the 'name' are different, and that's detectable.

Kind regards,

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