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From Samy Ascha <>
Subject Spanish language i.c.w. DRUGS_ERECTILE et al.
Date Wed, 28 Aug 2019 13:26:00 GMT
Hi users,

Today, I encountered, for the first time, an issue with scanning an email that is composed
in Spanish.

It is hitting a fuzzy match somewhere in the DRUGS_ERECTILE and DRUGS_ERECTILE_OBFU rules

I'm generally looking for a way to manipulate these edge cases, where languages are likely
to match rules assuming English for the body text.

Is there any best-practice for this? I'm sure this happens in others' networks, but I'm totally
unsure on how to best resolve this.

Anything in the way of configuration to combat this, e.g. by combining language detection
with other tags?

Or, should I look into writing my own plugin to do something similar?

Thx much!

Samy Ascha
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