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From David Jones <>
Subject Re: Spammer in white list aka USER_IN_DEF_SPF_WL
Date Thu, 02 May 2019 20:42:54 GMT
On 5/2/19 3:11 PM, RW wrote:
> That just means it's a known source of email and not a zombie or IP
> address controlled by an outright spammer. The level of trust is
> described as 'none', that's a lower level than some freemail servers.
> The DKIM signing domain isn't listed at all  on dkimwl.
>>   More importantly, it's [not] listed in Invaluement (IVM or IVM24):
> The Invaluement lists are marketed as low-FP. There's a huge difference
> between being good enough to stay out of Invaluement and being good
> enough for whitelisting at the -15 point level.

Default score for def_whitelist_auth is -7.5.

>>   Every platform has the occassional bad customer that needs
>> to be kicked off
>  From it's website appears to be a company that markets
> online training provided by third-party trainers. In that situation
> simpliv should be managing the lists and enforcing opt-in.

It's removed in SVN so it should get taken out tomorrow night as long as 
the rules promotion is working.

David Jones
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