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From Matus UHLAR - fantomas <>
Subject Re: Is Bayes forgetting ?
Date Mon, 27 May 2019 12:22:55 GMT
On 27.05.19 14:13, hg user wrote:
>Ok, sorry for my bad answers...
>I test spamassassin results using a command line:
>spamassassin -t /path/file
>sometimes I add -D to look at the debug logs.
>spamassassin is actually used via amavis, in a zimbra setup.

zimbra apparently runs under zimbra user with home set to /opt/zimbra.
your SA database is apparently in /opt/zimbra/data/amavisd/.spamassassin
and you should use sa-learn with apropriate --dbpath:

sa-learn --dbpath /opt/zimbra/data/amavisd/.spamassassin --dump magic

no idea how to check with SA. maybe create /opt/zimbra/.spamassassin/
symlink to /opt/zimbra/data/amavisd/.spamassassin and running
"spamassassin -t" under zimbra user would help.

>To teach sa-learn and to test the results via command line I use zimbra

zimbra has its own accounts used for training spam and ham. 
You apparently should use those.

>On Mon, May 27, 2019 at 1:18 PM Matus UHLAR - fantomas <>
>> On 27.05.19 12:51, hg user wrote:
>> >the Linux user is the same.
>> the same as what?
>> >Bayes db is on Linux.
>> seems I wasn't clear at my question:
>> How do you use spamassassin? milter, amavis, procmail filter, postfix
>> filter ... ?

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