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From Jesse Norell <>
Subject Re: more spam is getting through :-(
Date Tue, 19 Mar 2019 17:46:05 GMT
On Mon, 2019-03-18 at 23:11 -0600, Dave Warren wrote:
> I've been pondering this, what happens when you learn a message as 
> non-spam and then ham a few minutes later?

(I assume you meant train as non-spam, then retrain as spam, or vice-

>  As I understand it you do not need to explicitly --forget,
> SpamAssassin is smart enough to handle this situation, no? And if
> so, learning your Inbox should be fine as long as you move messages
> to Spam (and don't just delete) when appropriate.

I have not checked recently, but TxRep was pretty broken/incomplete
upon retraining messages ~2 years back, see my 3rd message at  The referenced comment
 is still the same, so it probably still is.  I think bayes retraining
might handle things better.

Jesse Norell
Kentec Communications, Inc.
970-522-8107  -

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