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From Claudio Kuenzler <>
Subject Re: Spamassassin "ignoring" mail with embedded picture
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2019 15:07:08 GMT
> >I took this e-mail and sent it manually via spamc to spamd while running
> >spamd in foreground in debug mode (spamd --D):
> >
> ># cat /tmp/mailcausingproblems.eml | spamc
> >-> nothing happened in the terminal where i'm running spamd!
> >I took a simple test mail and did the same:
> >
> ># cat /tmp/working.eml | spamc
> >-> got tons of entries in the terminal where i'm running spamd
> apparently the mail was scanned. look at its headers.

Only the "working.eml" testmail was received and scanned by spamd. The
problematic e-mail with the embedded picture "/tmp/mailcausingproblems.eml"
experienced the problem.

Please see my other mail I sent a couple of minutes after my initial mail,
in the meantime I had found the max size parameter for spamc.

> >I was able to narrow it down to the embedded picture which has a size of
> >~3.9MB.
> strange, spamc should put mail over 500K back unscanned.

So what does "put mail ... back" exactly mean?
The man page calls it "will be returned unprocessed"
What does that mean for Postfix, what kind of response does it get from
If the mail staid in the mail queue and was obviously waiting for spamc to
respond, shouldn't something have happened?

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