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From Olivier Coutu <>
Subject FROM_IN_TO_AND_SUBJ hits on emails with empty subject
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2019 19:29:57 GMT
meta           FROM_IN_TO_AND_SUBJ  (__TO_EQ_FROM && __SUBJ_HAS_FROM_1)
header         __SUBJ_HAS_FROM_1    ALL =~ /\nFrom:\s+(?:[^\n<]{0,80}<)?([^\n\s>]+)>?\n(?:[^\n]{1,100}\n)*Subject:\s+[^\n]{0,100}\1[>,\s\n]/ism

If the from and the to are identical and the subject is empty, this rule 
hits, e.g.

To: "Scan PC" <>

Since there is no restriction for \n in the \s+ after the subject, the 
/to/ in the next line is matched. An easy fix would be to change \s+ by 
[ \t]+ or something similar. The rule could also be cancelled by 

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