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From Olivier <>
Subject Re: Is fuzzyocr i.e. Image scanning
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2018 02:21:33 GMT
> > One of my holdback with FuzzyOCR is that you have to provide an
> > independant word list, while we have a very good tool to analyze text
> > contents: SpamAssassin itself. So I would much prefer FuzzyOCR to feed
> > the OCR'ed text back to SA for further analysis (the way pdfAssassin
> > is working).
> That works as long as the OCR remains very accurate. What happened
> before was that the deployment of OCR lead spammers to make their text
> much less readable.

Agreed 100%, we need a way to test the accuracy of the OCRed text before
feeding it to SA. Or have part of the obfuscation tests disabled.

> > As for your question about the place for image scanning, if your MTA
> > has the resources to do so, why not?
> Because it's better if it's combined with other information.

That is the way I meant it, it's an AND, not an OR. I see FuzzyOCR as
just one more tool that can be added to SA.



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