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From Alex <>
Subject Re: More outlook phish
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2018 22:16:53 GMT

>  2.2 ENA_DIGEST_FREEMAIL    Freemail account hitting message digest spam

It didn't hit any digests when it was received.

> Reminder that I treat all senders on Office 365 as FREEMAIL (commonly abused
> senders) which gets penalized with meta rules to amplify many scores.  If
> something comes from Office 365 with no To: or Cc: header with a URL
> shortener that should be very suspicious.  I need to add another meta rule
> that combines ENA_FREEMAIL and KAM_SHORT to add a couple more points.

Almost missed that one; thanks as always.

Is O365 any worse than all other freemail senders? Maybe they should
be penalized as well...

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