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From David Jones <>
Date Sun, 11 Feb 2018 19:37:57 GMT
Anyone on this list that knows the mail admins/contacts for and  This mail server has legit email 
for and plus a lot of other spam coming 
out of it.

It's listed on a number of RBLs making this very hard to allow ham 
through and block spam.

The PTR and A records for this IP are which is 
also a bit odd since the SMTP HELO is  These don't 
have to match but it's best if they did to help prove ownership and 

I have had a customer of ours request whitelisting of 
and email based on this problem and it's causing 
problems.  It can't be whitelisted due to a lot of junk coming from it 
so I had to make some custom local rules to do this.

It would be best if the and mail didn't 
egress onto the Internet from an IP that was listed on so many RBLs.

SOLUTION: Setup a new mail relay with FCrDNS and the SMTP HELO matching 
and get SPF and DKIM working properly for and so the rest of the Internet can properly filter/allow 
this email.

David Jones

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