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From Benny Pedersen>
Subject Re: Barracuda Reputation Block List (BRBL) removal from the SA ruleset
Date Sun, 11 Feb 2018 14:54:18 GMT
Dave Warren skrev den 2018-02-06 20:39:

> How low are the TTLs? I'm seeing 300 seconds on which is
> more than sufficient time for a single message to finish processing,
> such that multiple queries from one message would absolutely be cached
> (or more likely, the first would still be pending and the second would
> get the same answer as the first).

first query would be valid for 300 secs, but that is imho still not 
free, problem is that keeping low ttls does not change how dns works, 
any auth dns servers will upate on soa serial anyway, the crime comes in 
when sa using remote dns servers that ignore soa serial updates

in that case ttls would keep spammers listed for 300 secs only

and thats why i say 300 secs helps spammers

> 300 IN A
> Maybe the TTLs are different for other records?

300 is imho to low to anything thats called free

i would like to accept free if it was 3600

> I am also noticing very intermittent response times, sometimes taking
> over a second to get a response, other times taking under 50ms.

rndc querylog is my friend

i just like to start a debate on why 300 is accepted as free, it does 
matter for non datafeeds users, but for datafeeds it does not matter at 

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