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From David Jones <>
Subject Re: Penalty for no/bad SPF
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2018 19:59:04 GMT
On 01/24/2018 01:33 PM, Bill Cole wrote:
> On 24 Jan 2018, at 9:12, David Jones wrote:
>> What does everyone think about slowly increasing the score for 
>> SPF_NONE and SPF_FAIL over time in the SA rulesets to force the 
>> awareness and importance of proper SPF?
> -1
> In every real mailstream I've worked with in the lifetime of SPF, lack 
> of SPF has *always* had a correlation with ham, not spam.

I am not suggesting that SPF_PASS = ham and SPF_FAIL = spam.

> SPF hard failures are a more complicated case because the sort of spam 
> that hits SPF_FAIL tends to come from IPs that show up in good DNSBLs 
> within a few minutes, making it hard for a site using DNSBLs to know how 
> much of it there is. With that caveat, I see more ham hitting SPF_FAIL 
> than I do spam where SPF_FAIL (which I have locally nailed at 2.0) is a 
> decisive factor. Most SPF_FAIL spam scores well into double digits here.

I am proposing that if SPF were more accurately deployed then SPF_FAIL 
would be worth something.  We could whitelist_auth more trusted senders 
and then be able to turn up the scores for the rest of the mail flow.

If the huge SA community around the world were to help push SPF adoption 
and accurate deployments, then we could move on to DKIM too.  Right now, 
the best option we have is to get DMARC properly deployed as much as 
possible where p=reject actually rejects the message unlike SPF_FAIL 
that we can't trust.

David Jones

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