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From Alex <>
Subject Re: [Bug 7331] channel: SHA1 verification failed, channel failed
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2018 16:58:19 GMT

> Update:  If the downloads are successful but the GPG verification is
> failing, then this would not be a routing issue.
> The rsync'ing by the mirrors should happen quickly and the .sha1 and .asc
> files should sync quickly since they are very small files.  If the downloads
> are successful by sa-update, then it doesn't make sense that the PGP
> verification is failing.
> DNS updates (TTL) and mirror sync'ing delays would cause the downloads of
> the 3 files to fail if it were around 8:31 AM UTC.
> I need to see the debug verbose output of one that fails to troubleshoot
> further.

I'm seeing this here occasionally as well, including also on the 9th
around 4:30am EST

channel: SHA1 verification failed, channel failed
09-Jan-2018 04:28:55: SpamAssassin: Update available, but download or
extract failed

I figured it was a local issue, but was also going to report it after
it having occurred more than just a few times. This is on a fedora25
system. I've enabled debugging in my sa-cron script and will report
back with the debugging info when it next happens.

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