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From "Bill Cole" <>
Subject Re: Scoring Issues
Date Sat, 27 Jan 2018 03:24:37 GMT
On 26 Jan 2018, at 17:47 (-0500), Computer Bob wrote:

> My understanding is that spamassassin is configured for razor and 
> uribl.
> amavisd-new is configured to call spamassassin so is spamassassin not 
> doing the sub calls ?

Not exactly. The command-line 'spamassassin' script is written in Perl 
and it uses various Perl modules in the Mail::SpamAssassin::* tree. 
Amavisd-new also uses Mail::SpamAssassin::* modules but it does NOT use 
the spamassassin script or any other command-line tool.

The effect of this is that it is possible for amavisd-new and 
spamassassin to use different configurations for the 
Mail::SpamAssassin::* modules. it is clear that this is happening on 
your system.

> I see no docs on configuring razor directly in amavis.
> If you could tell me what to look for it would be appreciated.

Unfortunately, I can't help with amavisd-new because I don't use it. 
However, it is certain that it is using its own oddball config because 
these scores are ridiculous:

>>>>>     tests=[HTML_MESSAGE=0.001, SPF_HELO_PASS=-1, SPF_PASS=-1,

It's madness to give SPF_HELO_PASS or SPF_PASS significant scores on 
their own. Neither should have a score outside of the -0.01 to 0.01 
range: SPF is informative but not probative. These rules somehow got set 
intentionally to sabotage-level scores somewhere that only the 
amavisd-new process is looking.

Bill Cole or
(AKA @grumpybozo and many * addresses)
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