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From Joseph Brennan <>
Subject Re: Penalty for no/bad SPF
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2018 21:45:54 GMT

David Jones <> wrote:

> SA could be the large force that helps improve the mail standards like
> DMARC -- SPF + DKIM with a little extra on top.

DMARC is not a standard according to RFC 7489, "Status of This Memo". It's 
just informational, for those who want to play the game. DMARC is 
destroying forwarding and mailing lists, and I'm sorry to see the elephants 
in the email room implementing it-- though Gmail still does not always 
reject based on DMARC reject, as if they use that plus some internal system 
to make the call.

The New York Times has a SPF record with too many DNS lookups. 
Are you willing to block that? That one amazes me since SPF is the simplest 
of these ventures to implement correctly, and since the Times's frequent 
mailings of news updates evidently are not affected enough by SPF fail for 
the Times to go fix it.

Joseph Brennan
Columbia University IT

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